Welcome Message

Ruchyta Ranti, MD

Ruchyta Ranti, MD

Organizing Committee

Dear doctors,
Welcome to the First Virtual Beyond Ophthalmology Integrated Meeting (BOIM).
We proudly introduce the first BOIM, which will be held in 2022.

BOIM is a form of dedication from us, Eyelink group education to share knowledge to move forward together, such as the tagline BOIM 2022 this time, “Growing Together for Brighter Indonesia”.

With the spirit of “Meaningful Life”, Eyelink Group realizes the service and management of eye healthcare through 3 commitments in values and culture: professional, educational, and Social (Proedusocio). With the implementation of BOIM 2022, we hope that our educational mission can benefit all components of eye healthcare in Indonesia. Therefore, in this meeting, all of us can learn and add knowledge from the experts from Indonesia and abroad.

This webinar will be held online for three days, including didactic courses and symposiums covering cataracts and refractive surgery, infection and immunology, glaucoma, refraction and low vision, community ophthalmology, retina, pediatric ophthalmology & strabismus, reconstruction and oculoplastic, and neuro-ophthalmology.

Welcome and see you at the 2022 Beyond Ophthalmologist Integrated Meeting.